Concrete Sidewalks in Yukon Oklahoma

How to Increase the Value of Your Yukon Home with Concrete Sidewalks

Stamped Concrete Stairs Yukon, Oklahoma

Stamped Concrete Stairs Yukon, Oklahoma

Concrete sidewalk repair and installation in the Yukon, Oklahoma area requires a team of specialists that understand how the ground in this area can affect your sidewalks. Bill’s Custom Concrete has been providing the residents of the Oklahoma City Metro area professional concrete service since 1976. We completely understand that a sidewalk needs to be built properly the first time or it will simply crack and break apart from the movement of the clay ground as the temperatures here in Oklahoma freeze and then thaw. That damage can become so extensive that no repair possible can fix the sidewalk. Bill’s Custom Concrete will create a concrete sidewalk for your Yukon home or business that will withstand those ever changing conditions and look beautiful for years to come.

You can add significant value to your home by having a custom concrete sidewalk built that travels up to and around your home. In addition to adding to the beautiful landscaping design around your home, the concrete sidewalk gives people a safe way to travel up to your home during harsh weather conditions. Bill’s Custom Concrete has the ability to create a surface that allows for more traction by the pedestrian. Your sidewalk will not only look beautiful, it will ensure that people have a safe way to get to your home. We have the ability to create a curved sidewalk that can wind around trees and weave in and out of your current landscaping design to really complement your property. Whether you want a traditional rectangular shape, a serpentine or curved shaped, we have the professional expertise to get the job done right.

Your Custom Concrete Sidewalk

We can provide you with a sidewalk that matches your own personal taste as well. We can finish off the surface of the sidewalk in any particular color that you like or even stamp the cement with your own style or create a broom finish, stained finish or even a salt-rock finish. These create a one of a kind look that will last for a long time. We ensure that the sidewalk is durable and strong by laying down at least 4 inches of reinforced and high strength concrete that is poured onto a compacted base of gravel or sand. The width of the sidewalk should be between three to four feet wide. If your home has a unique and beautiful stone driveway and you would like a sidewalk that goes from your driveway around the home to the backyard, Bill’s Custom Concrete can create it for you and mimic the stones you already have in your driveway into the design of the sidewalk.

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Stamped Concrete Sidewalk in Yukon Backyard

Stamped Concrete Sidewalk in Yukon Backyard

Bill’s Custom Concrete has been producing high quality concrete sidewalks around Yukon and the surrounding area for almost four decades, and in that time we have see our share of sidewalks that were not created correctly and are now broken down chunks of rubble that pose safety hazards for anyone walking on them. We place each and every customers needs first and foremost, and out attention to details is unrivaled in the concrete industry. Call us today for a free consultation and we will walk you through the entire process from initial concept to finished product. Please call us today at (405)755-3975 and let us create a one of a kind concrete sidewalk for you.

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