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Bill’s Custom Concrete, Inc. is one of Oklahoma City's most established and respected concrete contractors. We specialize in providing home improvement concrete services, including concrete repair and yard drainage solutions for both residential and commercial customers in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Norman, Yukon, Midwest City, Del City and the surrounding region. Our highly skilled and qualified professional concrete and yard drainage specialists are dedicated to providing you with superior customer service and project results that exceed your expectations. One of the biggest differences that you will find when working with our dedicated staff of professionals is that we place all of our initial focus on providing you more in value than your could possible pay for.

We feel that too many concrete companies are providing just a service and then leaving their customers to deal with maintenance and repair issues down the road. Many of these issues could be avoided when the concrete contractor takes the time to explain how proper maintenance every 3-4 years of your decorative concrete patio or driveway can extend the appearance and the life of the concrete. It is when the customer is left uniformed, that those costly maintenance repairs pop up in a few years and really can be substantial. The team at Bill's Custom Concrete put our focus on our customers first, and we feel that by keeping you informed of certain issues that could arise, you could maintain your stained concrete driveway or stamped concrete sidewalk and avoid all those unnecessary repair costs. That is what separates us from the other guys. We value your business and we value you as a customer.

Stamped Concrete Patio and Sidewalk

Stamped Concrete Patio and Sidewalk

Experienced Concrete and Yard Drainage Experts

Established in 1976, Bill’s Custom Concrete has developed a solid reputation among our many satisfied clients for a high level of customer service, attention to detail and overall superior workmanship. Our work speaks for itself and we are dedicated to providing you with the most reasonable yard drainage and concrete cost effective work to meet all of your home improvement and commercial project needs. We have done millions of dollars worth of concrete and yard drainage solutions in the Oklahoma City, Edmond, and greater metro areas. The team at Bill’s Custom Concrete understands that when you contact a professional to do a job on your property, you want it done correct the first time. Many other concrete companies will claim to be efficient, but all that means is that the job is done quickly. This is not the right way to approach the work. Our team will strive to get the job done efficiently, but we put all out focus on making sure that we meet and exceed all of your initial expectations first.

Yard Drainage System Oklahoma City

Yard Drainage System Oklahoma City

When your job has a deadline, we will work hand in hand with you to keep you informed of the process and explain the timelines in advance. Jobs like stained concrete and color concrete require sitting down with the customer to make certain that they get exactly what they want. With millions of dollars worth of custom work done in the Edmond and Oklahoma City areas, we take extreme pride in creating projects that will last for years and look as impressive then as it does today. One of the ways we ensure that our work holds up to those standards you require, is that we make sure to spend time informing you of how the process works. We try to show you how to keep your new decorative concrete looking amazing in 2 years, or how to make certain your French drain continues to work efficiently for years to come. We feel that by providing that extra customer care, you will have no choice but to tell the world how great your project held up years from now. That is where Bill’s Custom Concrete gets all of their satisfaction. Making the customer the focus of our business has allowed us to continue to grow year after year.

Free Foundation / Yard Drainage Inspection

Decorative Concrete Sidewalk

Decorative Concrete Sidewalk

Decorative Concrete Sidewalk

7 Deadly Sins of a Concrete or Yard Drainage Company

Yard Drainage Solutions & Services

We provide a number of yard drainage services designed to fix your specific drainage problems in your yard, whether they result from improper landscape drainage or high water table drainage. Our custom yard drainage solutions involve many activities including excavation, grading, landscaping, installation of surface drains, French drain installations, erosion control, yard drainage and more. Our team at Bill’s Custom Concrete has graded many properties in the Oklahoma City area. One thing we can tell you is that if the water is not properly moved away from the foundation of the home with the proper yard drainage system, the damage to your homes foundation can be significant.

A French drain can effectively remove that excess water and bring it to locations on your property that requires water. Working hand in hand with out customers, we strive to provide you the right backyard drainage solutions so water can be moved away from areas it is not wanted, and relocated to flower beds, trees, and bushes that do need it more. We understand that your backyard is a place you entertain family and friends throughout the year, and the last thing you need is free standing water, especially in the hot summer months. We will work with you and show you some creative drainage solutions for yards that will keep the water far from being able to damage your home.

Custom Concrete Services

Our custom concrete services include a variety of applications that involve everything from sidewalks and patios to retaining walls and parking lots. The team at Bill’s Custom Concrete understand that when you are ready for a concrete contractor to complete a job for you, you have many questions that need to be answered. We pride ourselves on putting the customer first, and walking you through the entire process from start to finish. Then we take it a step further and give you some information on how you can extend the life of your new concrete by doing simple maintenance to it. Rather than leave you to figure out how to care for your decorative concrete patio or driveway, we offer you advice how to protect it. We strive to make every project we do elegant, however we want it to be simple and easy to maintain after we are gone. Our company takes great pride in our work, and when your job looks great two years from now, that can only help to increase our credibility in this market.

Some of our specific custom concrete services include concrete floor work, concrete stain and finishing, stamped concrete, concrete wall construction, general concrete repair work, decorative concrete, concrete stamping and much more. has a variety of photographs of our work as well as customer testimonials you are welcome to review.

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