Driveway Topping in Oklahoma City


Since it has to handle everyday traffic, extreme weather conditions, and other challenges, it’s no surprise that our driveways get damaged from time to time in Oklahoma City. Thankfully, in Bill’s Custom Concrete you have experts in driveway topping OKC; we can perform a black top resurface so that your driveway is ready to handle the next set of challenges that come its way. Why not contact our experienced team today at 405-755-3975 to learn more about resurfacing and driveway topping?

Topping, Repair, and Maintenance 

With over 45 years of experience, it’s fair to say that we have highly-skilled professionals who are ready to handle any task. Not only can we install high-quality driveways, patios, and sidewalks, but we can also help with toppings, repairs, and general maintenance. If you’re proactive with the management of your concrete structures, you will be rewarded in return. Especially when it comes to driveways, you can keep them in top condition despite clay movement, weather, and high levels of traffic on the surface. 

Sadly, many homeowners each year notice that their driveway experiences certain issues over time. While some notice that the driveway has sunken in certain areas, others notice cracks or uneven surfaces. Even with black top concrete, you can experience issues if the company didn’t install the driveway properly or if it has been in place for many decades. Our team is determined to help as many fellow homeowners in Oklahoma as possible, and this means that we’ll provide tailored advice to you. 

Depending on the damage, an entire replacement may not be necessary. Instead, it could be that your driveway would benefit from resurfacing. If you’re worried about a replacement oklahoma city black top driveway cost, don’t make any decisions until the experts at Bill’s Custom Concrete have seen your property. In many cases, we can resurface existing concrete. Not only does this strengthen your driveway, but it also adds to the aesthetic appeal by using decorative or stamped finishes. You can enjoy your home more, impress guests, and add resale value to your property. 

Whether your driveway is cracked or it has started to sink, contact Bill’s Custom Concrete as soon as possible. The earlier you reach out, the more likely we are to be able to deal with the issue early. 

Why Choose Bill’s Custom Concrete?

When dealing with black top concrete oklahoma city, why should you contact Bill’s Custom Concrete? Here are just a few reasons: 

Top-Grade Materials – While other services cut corners and opt for low-quality materials, we only stick with high-quality materials. Why is this important? Because you don’t want to experience problems soon after contractors leave your home. Instead, you want long-term results and durability. As good as our customer service is, you don’t want us visiting again soon because this means the solution didn’t work in the first place. Since we use the best materials, you can be sure of a durable solution – we treat your property as if it’s our own, so we only use materials that we would use at home. 

Experience – When a contractor is working on your driveway on a black top resurface in Okc, you want to know that your property is in good hands. After all, your home is the most expensive purchase most of us will ever make. Bill’s Custom Concrete has been in business since 1976, so you know you’re in solid hands from start to finish. We’ve developed the best techniques for your driveway and our experience allows us to match the finish and style to your needs. 

Warranty – Next, our experience and use of top-grade materials allow us to have confidence in our work, and this is why all customers receive a strong warranty. If something happens to go wrong, you’ll be protected by our ten-year limited concrete warranty. To learn more about our warranty, we have a dedicated page on our website. 

Reliable – Of course, you also want to know that your contractor is fully insured, licensed, and bonded – you’ll be unsurprised to hear that Bill’s Custom Concrete takes this very seriously. Whether you need patio installation or driveway topping in OKC, we have insurance, we have all the relevant licenses to operate on your property, and we’re bonded. 

Proven Results – While we encourage talented new contractors to enter the market, nothing replaces experience and proven results. You’ve heard about our experience, and you can hear more about our results by reading reviews on Google and Yelp. We strive for excellence with all our customers, and we’d love to add your name to the list. 

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To learn more about driveway resurfacing or any of our other services, call our specialized team now. Trust our experience, trust our knowledge, and get the concrete structure you desire this year! 



When should I repair my cracked driveway?

If you notice cracks in your driveway, you’ll need to repair them promptly to prevent further damage. The longer you wait, the more issues will arise. An asphalt patch is a good option to fill and repair the crack, as this can help seal out moisture and protect against future wear and tear. Alternatively, driveway topping can be used to completely resurface and restore the driveway. Topping is usually done after a crack repair, as it helps fill any imperfections on the surface of your driveway. Why not contact our friendly team at Bill’s Custom Concrete today?

Why is driveway resurfacing necessary?

Driveway resurfacing, or topping, is an important step in maintaining your driveway. This process helps provide a level and even surface that’s free from cracks and imperfections. It also gives the driveway a new look and can help protect against the elements over time. Topping comes in a variety of options, including asphalt seal coating, tar/chip sealing, concrete resurfacing, and much more. By keeping your driveway in top condition, you can avoid costlier repairs down the line.

What are easy-maintenance driveways?

Easy-maintenance driveways are designed to resist cracking and other damage due to the elements. The most common type of easy-maintenance driveway is an asphalt driveway, which can be sealed regularly to keep it looking like new. Tar/chip sealing is another great option for those looking for a low-maintenance solution.

What is the best way to patch a driveway?

If you’ve spotted a crack in your driveway, the best way to patch it is with an asphalt patch. Asphalt patches are designed to fill and repair cracks without needing to resurface the entire driveway. Elsewhere, they also help seal out moisture and protect against further damage. In some cases, you may need to resurface the entire driveway with a topping if the cracks are particularly wide. In this case, it is best to seek professional help for a reliable job.

How do you maintain a new concrete driveway?

After spending money on a driveway topper, you can be forgiven for wanting to keep your driveway in great condition. The best way to maintain a new concrete driveway is by regularly sealing it with asphalt or tar and chip sealant. Sealing the driveway will protect it against water seeping into cracks, as well as UV damage from the sun’s rays.

Why do you need to repair cracks in the concrete driveway?

In short, cracks in a concrete driveway can lead to further damage and costly repairs. Cracks are notoriously difficult to repair, as they often require resurfacing or sealing the entire driveway. Ultimately, leaving a crack unattended could result in extensive water damage, potholes, and other issues that will cost time and money to fix.

How do you maintain a concrete driveway in the winter?

As the colder months roll around, you’ll need to take extra care of your concrete driveway. To prevent damage from snow and salt, make sure to seal the driveway every few years as this will protect against stains and weathering over time. Also, regular inspections are recommended to spot any cracks before they become major problems. Removing snow with a plastic shovel is also suggested as this won’t scratch the surface.

What is the best topping for a driveway?

The best topping for a driveway depends on your individual needs. Asphalt seal coating is a popular option, as it provides an even and level surface that’s easy to maintain. Tar/chip sealing is also great for those looking for a low-maintenance solution. For more complex jobs, concrete resurfacing may be the best option as this can help restore the driveway and provide a long-lasting finish. At Bill’s Custom Concrete, we only ever use top-grade materials, so why not give us a call at 405-755-3975?

Where is the best place to put a driveway?

If you’re renovating your home, deciding where to put the driveway can be a tricky task. Generally speaking, you’ll want to locate it in an area that is close to the house and easy for vehicles to access. Remember that driveways take up space, so make sure there’s plenty of room for parking and other activities. You should also check with local authorities about regulations – such as permits – and be aware of any tree roots or other obstructions in the area.

How deep do you need for a driveway?

The depth of your driveway depends on the type of material you use. Generally speaking, an asphalt driveway should be 8” deep to support regular traffic and 6″ deep for light vehicles. For concrete driveways, a 4″ depth is usually sufficient. However, it’s always best to check with a professional contractor as they can provide more accurate estimates based on your individual needs.