Concrete Driveways

The concrete experts at Bill’s Custom Concrete Services have been providing concrete services in the Oklahoma area since 1976, and in that time we have always strived to make sure each customer’s needs are met or exceeded. Our experience when it comes to custom concrete driveways is unmatched. We will create a concrete driveway according to your needs, and once we begin work we will make sure the finished driveway can withstand the everyday traffic it will be subject to over the years. Bill’s Custom Concrete Services uses only the top grade products and reinforces the driveway to make sure it can hold up to the enormous pressure. If you can imagine the driveway, our professional team can build it for you.

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Concrete Patios

We have been creating concrete patio designs for the residents of the Oklahoma area since 1976, and in that time we have created millions of dollars worth of one of a kind patio designs. Our expert designers at Bill’s Custom Concrete Services will pay close attention to your needs and goals during the initial consultation, and then provide you with designs that meet your expectations. You can choose from a variety of colors, patterns, styles and shapes when designing the patio of your dreams. Our team has the ability to create stamped concrete patios, pattern finishes and smooth finishes that will transform the look of your patio area.

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Concrete Sidewalks

Bill’s Custom Concrete Services understand that with the clay ground in the Oklahoma area can really cause problems with concrete sidewalks. In our four decades of experience we have seen how the movement of the clay and the temperature changes affect the strength of the sidewalk. We can identify if your sidewalk is in need of repair, or we can install new sidewalks. We have the ability to create solid color or unique design sidewalks, with or without patterns. We always ensure that the sidewalk is strong by pouring 4 inches of reinforced concrete onto a compacted base of sand or gravel. Your custom sidewalk will increase the value of your home, or add an visually appealing fresh look to the work place.

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Stamped Concrete

stamped concrete okc

Whether you have a driveway, walkway, sidewalk or patio in your backyard, Bill’s Custom Concrete can transform your landscape with our stamped concrete process. We can change the look of concrete to resemble unique color stones, bricks, or custom shapes and designs. The stamped concrete process will give the concrete a new look and allow it to stay fresh looking for many years simply because the stamping hides many signs of age. We strive to make sure your concrete pattern is exactly how you visualized it. The addition of expansion joints within the pattern will ensure no cracking will occur.

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Patterned Concrete Designs

Bill’s Custom Concrete Services can transform the look of concrete by applying patterns, colors, textures and different imprints according to your specifications. Your concrete can be created to look like stones, bricks or unique patterns as creative as your imagination can be.

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Concrete-Cement Coloring

We can offer you the opportunity to change the color of the concrete to match your home or style. Bill’s Custom Concrete Services has the experience to match the color of the concrete to your exact specifications.

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Concrete Resurfacing

If you want to pursue the possibility of resurfacing your existing concrete, many times we may be able to help you achieve this. You can do regular, stamped or decorative finishes.

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Parking Lots and Paving

Our professional team at Bill’s Custom Concrete have decades of experience when it comes to creating parking lots and paving roadways. We will work with you to create an environment that will meet and exceed your expectations and create a visually appealing finished product within your specific time frame.

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Laying a foundation - Bill's Custom Concrete

Laying a foundation in this area requires an extensive knowledge of the clay based soil and how the harsh weather affects the movement of the soil. Bill’s Custom Concrete Services has been installing and creating foundations since 1976, and we understand completely how the ground needs to be properly prepared to handle the concrete weight and the pressure. From the initial excavation of the property, to the preparing the ground for the concrete, to the manufacturing of the foundation, our team of concrete experts will ensure the foundation is strong that doesn’t require any foundation repair even in the harshest conditions Oklahoma can dish out.

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Concrete Curbs

We have years experience in building quality curbs that are visually appealing and safe structures that will last. Our team has the experience and only uses quality components to create the curbs, ensuring a durable and long lasting structure.

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Water Proofing

When you hire Bill’s Custom Concrete Services to do any concrete work in and around your home we have the experience to prepare the concrete in advance so that it is properly weatherproofed. This comes with over 40 years of concrete experience in the Oklahoma area, and whether you have a foundation, slab or flooring installed, we use the correct concrete mixture to ensure you will not have to worry about problems with water leaking through your concrete. We also consult with homeowners to explain the need for proper grading of the soil so that water is not gathering and finding its way to the foundation. Grading the water away from the home is another measure in protecting the foundation from leaking.

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Water Proofing Oklahoma City ,OK

Retaining Walls

A good retaining wall is important to keep the soil in your yard in place and to prevent it from shifting or eroding, especially around your home’s foundation. Bill’s Custom Concrete Services can design and build a beautiful retaining wall that will give your yard the added character and landscaping it deserves. Whether you’re looking for a simple wall or fence, around a garden or pool, or you have more complex needs such as slopes and dips, Bill’s Custom Concrete has you covered.

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