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Concrete Structures

Even if you don’t use us, here is some basic knowledge to help you get a quality concrete structure. Your contractor should strive to do these things.

  1. Proper layout and drainage so that the water flows away from your home and foundation.
  2. Excavate the soil so that you have the proper thickness of concrete and sand base.
  3. Compacted sand base to help protect your concrete structure from Oklahoma’s clay-ground swelling and movement.
  4. Fiber mesh reinforcement in order to help reinforce your concrete structure.
  5. Section the concrete off into smaller sections in order to help prevent random cracking of your concrete structure.
  6. Expansion materials in order to allow the concrete to expand and contract and help prevent random cracking.
  7. Concrete approximately four inches thick so that your concrete has the proper tensile strength to help insure that it is durable and long lasting.
  8. Thickened edge around the perimeter so that your base does not wash out and cause your structure to collapse.
  9. Air-entrain the concrete to help prevent the top of the concrete structure from flaking off.
  10. Pour the concrete at a proper slump so that it is not weak and brittle like chalk.
  11. Strive to finish the concrete properly so that you do not get a concrete structure with a weak top. Note: Improper finishing techniques cause many problems with concrete structures.
  12. A pretty finish so that your concrete structure enhances and adds to the appearance of your home and property.
  13. Good service so that you are inconvenienced as little as possible.
  14. Conscientious attitude about protecting your home and property from damage.
  15. Thorough cleanup so that your yard looks nice, neat and clean.
  16. If you want, your contractor should be willing to submit to you a lien release so that you know you only have to pay the bills once.
  17. The contractor should take care of all of the necessary permits.
  18. The contractor should supervise and help make sure that you get the best job possible.

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