Patterned Concrete Designs in Oklahoma City


Does your concrete patio, driveway, or sidewalk look outdated or tired? If so, we understand. We constantly talk to people who grow tired of their patios. After many years, they want to update their appearance and add some character to the concrete. Often, homeowners think that they need to rip everything up and start again. In reality, you have simpler and more affordable solutions available in the shape of stamped concrete and patterned concrete designs in Oklahoma City. 

Concrete Wall and Floor Patterns Design in OKC: Elevate Your Space with Style

While some people focus on concrete floor patterns, others need help with concrete wall pattern. Whatever you need, you’re in the right place because Bill’s Custom Concrete is an experienced service in this area. We have all the tools, experience, knowledge, and help you need. Whether you want to bring a new lease of life into an old home or you have just moved into a new property and want to make changes, contact our expert team now

How Does Patterned Concrete Work?

If you have a concrete wall or floor, the idea of stamping and patterned concrete is to imitate the design of other materials. Using an embossing technique, the end product can resemble brick, cobblestone, pavers, and more. Rather than plain concrete, you add texture, color, and patterns to your home. With lots of concrete pattern designs, you can choose something that matches your preferences (and the style of your home). 

When you introduce patterned concrete to your home, it can completely transform the look of the whole area. What’s more, it can hide signs of aging and extend the life of your patio, driveway, walkway, or sidewalk. Why not explore some of the options you have with patterned concrete designs in Oklahoma City today?

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Benefits of Working with Bill’s Custom Concrete 

No Stress – Above all else, we handle everything on your behalf (you don’t have to lift a finger). Of course, this doesn’t mean that we take over completely. Instead, you’ll be able to choose a style and pattern that matches your preferences and home. 

Lots of Experience – Next, we have more experience than most other companies in our field. Since we launched in 1976, this means we have over 45 years of experience and it won’t be long before we reach half a century. That’s nearly half a century of helping people like you with their custom concrete needs. We have a variety of concrete wall patterns and concrete floor patterns, and our experience will help us to overcome challenges and make you happy. 

Professionalism and Protection – From the first call, we pride ourselves on strong customer service and professionalism. With this in mind, we are fully licensed, insured, and bonded. What’s more, you’ll also have access to a brilliant warranty just in case something happens to go wrong. 

Quality Finish – For us, quality comes in many forms. Often, people focus on appearance alone. While this is an important factor with patterned concrete designs in Oklahoma City, we also use top-grade materials so that the finish lasts as long as possible. With the best concrete, you can be sure that your structure is durable (especially important given the problems of clay movement and weather in Oklahoma City!). 

Proven Track Record – When making changes to your home, you want to work with companies that have a track record in their field. This is exactly what you have with Bill’s Custom Concrete. We’ve been in the industry for four-and-a-half decades and we have plenty of positive reviews on Google and Yelp. We love the Oklahoma City community, and we’d love to make you our next happy customer. 

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How long does patterned concrete last?

Patterned concrete is built to last, and can maintain its strength and aesthetic beauty for many years. With proper care and maintenance, a patterned concrete surface will remain beautiful for up to 10 years. Regular sealing of the concrete helps to protect it from damage caused by weathering, UV light, freeze-thaw cycles, oil spills, and other environmental hazards.

Can you change the color of patterned concrete?

Yes, you can change the color of patterned concrete with a fresh coat of stain. Changing the color involves applying an appropriate type of stain to the surface that is designed for use on concrete and will not fade or chip away over time. The new color should be applied according to manufacturer instructions and allowed to dry before it gets wet again. The best way to explore all your options and find the right outcome for your project is to contact Bill’s Custom Concrete.

How long does patterned concrete take to dry?

Typically, it only takes a few hours for patterned concrete to dry, depending on the ambient temperature and humidity levels. Keep in mind that concrete should never be allowed to dry too quickly; this can cause cracking or other issues. It’s always best to wait until it has dried completely before walking on patterned concrete – don’t worry, we always offer advice before leaving your property.

Does patterned concrete crack?

While concrete is robust and durable, it can still crack. This is usually due to the ground shifting or settling (a problem in OKC), uneven weight distribution, or when the concrete dries too quickly. Fortunately, most hairline cracks in patterned concrete can be easily filled with a repair kit. If you have any concerns about your concrete cracking or need advice on how to prevent this from happening in future projects, contact us today.

Can patterned concrete be repaired?

Yes, in most cases patterned concrete can be repaired. A repair kit may be used to fill in small hairline cracks or chips that appear over time. If you’re not sure how to approach the repair, contact professionals. As well as experience and knowledge, professionals also have the best equipment.

Can you paint over patterned concrete?

Yes, you can paint over patterned concrete. However, it’s important to use a type of paint that is designed specifically for concrete surfaces. Using the wrong type of paint could lead to chipping and fading over time. To ensure the best outcome, contact us for advice on painting your patterned concrete surface.

How expensive is pattern imprinted concrete?

The cost will depend on the size and complexity of the project. Generally speaking, pattern imprinted concrete will cost more than stamped concrete, but it will also be more visually impressive. Discuss your budget with Bill’s Custom Concrete before any work begins; we can come up with creative solutions that fit within your budget.

Does the choice of color and pattern affect the price?

Yes, the choice of color and pattern can affect the price. The cost will vary depending on how complex a design you choose and which materials are required to complete it. Our experienced team of professionals can work with your budget to come up with creative solutions that meet both style and practical requirements.