Expert Parking Lots and Paving Services in Oklahoma City


As a business, you have many responsibilities to ensure that all customers have a positive experience with your brand. These days, the modern consumer demands respectable pricing, positive customer experiences, mobile solutions, and more. However, one area that is often neglected is the parking lot and roadways around the business. If you have a physical location for your business, did you know that customers old and new will make decisions about your brand based on parking paving in Okc, the condition of your parking lot, and similar factors? 

When it comes to parking lots and paving in Okc, you won’t find better than Bill’s Custom Concrete. Our decades of experience allow us to provide unique solutions that meet the needs of local businesses (and their customers). The weather we experience in Oklahoma City can cause problems for asphalt parking lots, and you need a service that can manage these challenges. Whether you want to replace commercial asphalt parking with paver parking, concrete parking, or another option, we’ll help you create a solution that overcomes weather, traffic, clay movement, and more. 

Considerations for Business Parking Lots 

As we’ve alluded to already, businesses face many challenges when it comes to parking lots. When planning your own parking lot, you need to keep these factors in mind. For example, your parking lot needs to last the test of time even with the extreme temperatures we experience in Oklahoma City. What’s more, it also needs to handle endless streams of traffic over the years. 

If you get your parking lots and paving right, it can have a dramatic impact on your business. Let’s face it, parking is a hot topic in Oklahoma City. With over 600,000 residents, people are forever finding it difficult to park and leave their vehicles safely. By providing a solid parking lot, you’re essentially telling your customers that you value their time and money. When parking is strong, customers will enjoy visiting your business rather than seeing it as a chore. Furthermore, you also give people with limited accessibility a comfortable place to park near your business. 

Advantages of Choosing Concrete for Parking Lots and Paving 

When researching this field, you’ll see people talking about parking paving, asphalt parking, commercial asphalt paving in Okc, and more. In our opinion, concrete is and will always be the strongest option for a parking lot. Why? It has the following advantages: 

Durability – If all goes well, your business will thrive in the years ahead and you’ll have thousands of visitors each year. If you can almost hear your current parking lot screaming at this proposition, we highly recommend concrete. Typically, concrete is a much stronger material compared to asphalt. Whether you have an asphalt parking lot now or have heard horror stories, it tends to break up over time. With concrete, you’re unlikely to experience such issues because it has greater durability. 

Cost Savings – Since concrete will remain strong over time, you won’t need to pay as much for repairs and maintenance. While concrete may cost a little more at first, you more than earn this back due to the longevity you get from the material. 

Strength – Concrete is a strong material, and this means that it will deal with heavy loads. Consequently, it’s ideal for those expecting trucks and larger vehicles in the parking lot. Not only this, but our installation techniques further utilize this strength by reinforcing the parking lot with around six inches of top-grade material. 

Design – Finally, those who seek paver parking in Okc will enjoy the many different designs and styles available with Bill’s Custom Concrete. If you have an idea of what design you want for your parking lot or paving, speak to our brilliant designers and get the look you want for your business. 

Bill’s Custom Concrete – The Best Concrete Service in Oklahoma City 

With over 45 years of experience paving roadways and creating durable parking lots, Bill’s Custom Concrete is the best service around. We’ve developed leading techniques that lead to a durable concrete solution (and we also use top-grade materials!). If you want to hear from just a small number of our happy customers, read our reviews on Yelp or Google. 

When you choose Bill’s Custom Concrete, you benefit from a professional, experienced team. We’ll listen to your needs, answer your questions, and do everything we can to make you happy. Just in case this isn’t enough, we are also fully insured, licensed, and bonded (and you’re also protected by a warranty!). 

To get the conversation started about your parking lot or roadway, pick up the phone and talk to the experts at 405-755-3975 now!


What strength of concrete is needed for a parking lot?

Different types of concrete have different strength properties and the type of concrete required for a parking lot depends on the weight of vehicles that will be using it. Generally, a minimum compressive strength of 4,000 psi is recommended for a parking lot to ensure its stability over time. However, if heavier trucks or equipment may be parked in the lot, then higher-strength concrete should be used to ensure that the parking lot can handle the weight.

Is concrete suitable for a parking area?

Concrete is a great material for constructing parking lots as it can handle the weight of vehicles, heavy loads, and equipment. It also provides excellent durability and strength over time, reducing the need for frequent repairs or maintenance. Just in case these aren’t enough reasons, concrete paving offers superior resistance to weather conditions and potential hazards like oil spills.

How thick should a parking lot concrete slab be?

This depends on how heavy the vehicles that will be parked in the lot are, as well as the soil conditions of the area and various other factors. Generally, a thickness of between 4-6 inches is recommended for parking lots to support regular cars and light trucks; however, if heavier vehicles will be parked there or if the soil beneath is not stable enough, then thicker slabs will be required. Don’t worry, the experts at Bill’s Custom Concrete can assist you from start to finish.

How long do asphalt parking lots last?

Asphalt is a popular choice for parking lots because of its affordability and relatively quick installation. However, asphalt is only known to last between 15-20 years (and that’s when it’s properly maintained. When you choose concrete for your parking lot, you can expect it to last significantly longer – up to 40 years or even more. That means you won’t have to worry about costly repairs or replacements any time soon.