Backyard Drainage Solutions in Oklahoma City


Although it’s perhaps not something you think about every day with your property, water drainage is essential to a happy and healthy life. Unfortunately, Oklahoma City residents have to contend with a few issues that can cause problems in this area. If you need help with a yard drainage system, don’t be afraid to reach out to professionals, and this is exactly what we offer at Bill’s Custom Concrete. 


Problems with Poor Yard Drainage

If water doesn’t drain properly from your home, this can cause several issues because it will stay on your property. In many cases, this water has nowhere to go and will eventually find the foundations of your home (this is even more likely if your home is lower than the surrounding land). If you don’t address these backyard drainage problems quickly, your foundations can start to crack. 

Furthermore, water in and around your property can lead to leaks as well as structural damage. The more water pools around your property, the more damage your home will experience. While it might seem like a small issue at first, you’re now seeing why poor water drainage can cause serious damage that becomes a burden on your bank account, property, and life. 


Challenges for Water Drainage in Oklahoma City 

Earlier, we mentioned that those in Oklahoma City have to contend with particular issues, so let’s look at these challenges:

Clay and Soil Movement Backyard drainage solutions are particularly important in Oklahoma City because of the soil we have under the surface. As clay-rich soil, it can absorb large amounts of water when it isn’t drained properly. As the soil soaks up all the water and then dries out, this repeated pattern causes the soil to expand and contract. As the clay and soil move, this causes endless problems for the foundations of a property. 

As well as foundations, this type of soil can cause issues for all sorts of concrete structures. Bill’s Custom Concrete has seen it all with sidewalks, driveways, patios, parking lots, and more. Investing in a new structure to replace the damage is only a temporary solution because the damage will arise again without fixing the underlying issue, which is poor water drainage. 

Weather Conditions – Another challenge that emphasizes the importance of well-laid concrete structures and a yard drainage system is the weather we experience in Oklahoma City. Not only are we prone to floods but we also experience a wide range of temperatures. Over time, these freeze/thaw patterns exacerbate problems caused by poor water drainage. The two problems intertwine to cause endless headaches (and costs!) for homeowners. 

This has all been doom and gloom so far, so we have some great news – you can do more to prevent these issues. Bill’s Custom Concrete has been in business since 1976 and has developed leading techniques to ensure the long-term safety and security of your home. Not only do we lay concrete structures more reliably than many others, but we also have advanced backyard drainage solutions for your home. 


How to Spot Yard Drainage Issues 

If you’re not sure whether you have a drainage issue, the best solution is to contact a service like Bill’s Custom Concrete that can inspect your property. This being said, some common signs point to a drainage problem such as: 

  • Overgrown areas of your lawn (an area that grows much faster than others) 
  • Standing water on your lawn 
  • Pooling water under downspouts 
  • Large puddles around your garden 
  • Stains on the foundation of your property 

If you spot any of these signs, it pays to have an expert team visit your property. If you don’t have a water drainage issue, you at least have peace of mind moving forward. If you do, the experts can work on a solution to prevent further damage. 


How Do Yard Drainage Services Work?

When you contact a professional company, they will visit your property and analyze all the available information. For example, this includes any signs you may have spotted, the elevation of the property, and an inspection. Using the industry’s best equipment and our extensive experience, we can tell you more about the water drainage around your property. 

Depending on the problem, our solutions could include: 

  • Water redirection 
  • Underground pipes 
  • French drains 
  • Concrete troughs 

After inspecting your property, we’ll provide tailored advice. This way, you can avoid backyard drainage problems in the future. With the right solutions, your lawn will thrive and you won’t have to worry about damage to the foundations. 

When it comes to backyard drainage solutions, Bill’s Custom Concrete has the experience, determination, and passion you need. We love the Oklahoma City community, and we’ll always treat your property like it’s our own. This means minimal disruption and great results – why not call 405-755-3975 now? 


What helps drainage problems in the yard?

In Oklahoma City, there are a few things you can do to help drainage problems in your yard. The most important thing is to make sure the soil in your yard is not compacted and has good aeration. Proper aeration helps prevent waterlogging, which can lead to standing water. With the weather conditions and clay/soil movement that we experience in OKC, it’s always best to contact experts like Bill’s Custom Concrete. We can explore solutions such as underground pipes, water redirection, concrete troughs, and French drains.

What are the different types of drainage system solutions available?

There are a few different types of drainage system solutions available for yard drainage in Oklahoma City. The most popular solution is the French drain, which is made up of a perforated pipe surrounded by gravel and located underground. It collects water from your yard and redirects it away from your house to prevent flooding or pooling water. Other solutions include concrete troughs, water redirection, and underground pipes.

What are French drains?

French drains are an underground drainage solution – they are made up of a perforated pipe surrounded by gravel and work to collect excess water from your yard and redirect it away from your home to prevent flooding or pooling water. French drains are often used to solve issues with wet basements, seepage in crawl spaces, erosion problems, and more.

What are the most common signs of drainage system failure in my yard?

The most common signs of drainage system failure in your yard include pooling water, wet basements and crawl spaces, mudslides, and eroding soil. If you notice any of these issues occurring in your yard, contact an experienced contractor like Bill’s Custom Concrete for a consultation so that we can explore the best solution.

Do I need drainage in the backyard?

In Oklahoma City, drainage in the backyard is essential to prevent flooding and pooling water (a common problem!). Without proper drainage systems installed, you can suffer from wet basements and crawl spaces, mudslides, erosion problems, and other issues due to excessive rain or melting snow. In OKC, homeowners have to deal with weather conditions as well as soil/clay movement, so it pays to protect your home.

What would happen if you didn't have a proper drainage system?

Without a proper drainage system, you can suffer from flooding and pooling water, water getting into the home, and more. The excess water can even damage the foundation of your home if it’s allowed to stay around for too long. If you want to avoid these problems, speak to the friendly team at Bill’s Custom Concrete today.

What are the effects of poor drainage systems on road pavement?

Poor drainage systems can lead to potholes, cracking and erosion of the pavement, making it less safe for driving. This is particularly true in Oklahoma City, where rainwater can collect quickly on road surfaces due to soil/clay movement. If you notice any issues with poor drainage in your area, contact the local authorities so they can address the problem as soon as possible.