1. He doesn’t take pride in his work and he cuts corners, and your concrete cracks or your drain system clogs, and then, you suffer.

2. He doesn’t carry proper insurance, and either one of his employees gets hurt and sues you, or he hits a gas line with his equipment, and then, you suffer.

3. He’s not organized so he doesn’t show up when he should, and your job drags on and on, and then, you suffer.

4. He’s not financially stable, and he doesn’t pay his labor or material bills and you have liens put on your property, and then, you suffer.

5. He’s sloppy and he doesn’t keep your property neat and clean, and a visitor or neighbor trips and sues you, and then, you suffer.

6. He may not screen his new employees and he may hire drunks, drug addicts, or thieves, and they possibly cause problems,  and then, you suffer.

7. He; and or his workers may not have enough experience, and they may mess your job up a hundred different ways, and then, you suffer.