French Drain System in Oklahoma City


Living in Oklahoma City is an amazing experience – with nearly 700,000 people located in this part of the world, Oklahoma City is a vibrant place that seems to evolve every year. Despite the many positives of living in the city, one of the biggest challenges for homeowners is water drainage. However, it’s a problem that most people don’t even realize exists until they experience problems themselves. 


Poor Water Drainage in Oklahoma City 

Before we talk about French drains and their cost and installation, what is the water drainage issue in Oklahoma City? When water doesn’t drain properly from your property, it can start to pool on your lawn and around the foundations of your home. When this issue is left untreated, it can cause cracks in your foundations, leaks, and structural damage. Naturally, these are both expensive and frustrating problems to experience. 

The reason French drain systems are mentioned so frequently in Oklahoma City is that we have two problems that exacerbate the issue of poor drainage. Firstly, the city is prone to flooding and experiences weather that causes freeze/thaw conditions. This is problematic at the best of times, but it’s even more of an issue considering the clay content in our soil (the second problem!). Clay-rich soil holds water effectively, and this causes shrinkage and expansion of the soil. Once again, this can put pressure on concrete structures such as foundations. 

So, poor water drainage is a problem in any city, but it’s amplified by our soil content and weather. With this in mind, you need a local business like Bill’s Custom Concrete that knows all about this combination of problems. We have the experience and equipment to drain water from your property effectively using French drain installation – we will ensure that the water is carried to a location where it can disperse more effectively. 

If you have any questions or concerns about your property, why not call Bill’s Custom Concrete today and speak to one of our experts? We have been in business since 1976 and we pride ourselves on serving the great people of Oklahoma City. 


What are French Drains? What is the French Drain Installation Process?

Essentially, the concept of a French drain involves digging a trench in your yard to improve the drainage of water. After the installation of a perforated pipe, water is drawn through the material placed around the pipe and away from your home. Rather than water pooling around your property, it will be taken to a rain barrel, a municipal drain, or another appropriate location. 

While you might think that French drains come from Europe, the reason they have this name is actually because of a farmer from Massachusetts called Henry French. While the original product was designed to carry excess water away from crops, an adapted design can now be used in properties across the United States. 

With a French drain system placed suitably around your property, you can pull water away from the foundations to a more appropriate destination, thus avoiding the problems we mentioned earlier. As we all know, water will always take the path of least resistance. By adding French drains, gravity will pull the water into the soil and then through the perforated pipe so that it can move away from your property. Without this system, the path of least resistance could well be toward your property. 


French Drain Installation Cost In Oklahoma City

If you’re like many homeowners, one of your biggest concerns will be the French drain cost. Even if you’re good with DIY and your hands, we highly recommend contacting an experienced service for this sort of installation. Experts can navigate the intricacies that come with a French drain system and you can have the peace of mind that everything is set up properly. 

Ultimately, the French drain installation cost will depend on a few factors. For example, this includes the size of the required trench and excavation. The longer the trench, the higher the cost. With materials, labor, and other costs to consider, the best way to learn about this expense is to talk to professionals. Rather than looking at arbitrary figures online, get an accurate estimate from a company like Bill’s Custom Concrete. 


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