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Yard Drainage Systems

Yard Drainage Systems and Solutions

Even if you don’t use us, here are a few of the basics to help you get a quality yard drainage solution. Your contractor should strive to do these things when they install a yard drainage solution for you. These are the basics of every quality drainage system installed by Bill’s Custom Concrete, Inc.

  1. Strive for the maximum amount of slope of the drain pipes to help prevent clogging and to help the water drain quickly.
  2. Use 4 inch pipe in order to help prevent clogging of the pipe.
  3. Use 6 inch pipe for more water flow if necessary.
  4. Always use extra drains so as to provide for a backup system in case one drain is covered up with leaves or debris.
  5. For subsurface drainage, use a filter cloth to prevent clogging of the system with soil.
  6. For subsurface drainage, install a clean-out so that the system can be flushed out now and then to keep from clogging the system.
  7. Try to contour the slope of the ground to flow the water to area surface drains.
  8. Design the drainage system so as to prevent excess saturation of the ground around the house foundation as well as to alleviate excess puddling of water in the yard.

There are two basic types of yard drainage problems.

Yard Drainage in Oklahoma City, OK

Yard Drainage in Oklahoma City, OK

One is improper landscape drainage and the other is high water table (ground water) drainage. Improper landscape drainage is caused by the way the yard is landscaped and the water is caused to collect around the house and the house foundation. Two examples of improper landscape drainage are planters with no exit routes for the water to drain and also the ground around the house sloping toward the house. High water table drainage problems are caused by natural levels of water being high around the house and then when it rains, and the ground becomes saturated, the water tables rise and the drainage problems exit.

French Drains Are Also A Solution For Many of Our Customers

Yard Drainage Solutions

Yard Drainage Solutions in OKC

Yard Drainage Solutions in OKC

There are many different, alternative solutions to yard drainage problems. Every drainage problem is unique and different, and should be approached with this concept in mind. Some drainage problems can be solved by simply diverting the water with a curb or wall. Some are as simple as landscaping the ground. Some require more complicated procedures such as concrete, surface drains, French drains, or various combinations of these.

We recommend that your contractor approach your drainage problem with the best combination of design, method, and budget, while at the same time never over killing the problem when something simple might work.

We have many, many references for solving yard drainage problems and if you don’t use us, we at least hope we have given you a public service through some basic education. We give free estimates and if you want to solve your drainage problem yourself, we would be glad to offer you our “consultant” service.

Please call us today to schedule your free estimate for a yard drainage solution at (405)755-3975.

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