Concrete Retaining Walls in Oklahoma City


Retaining walls are the saving grace in many properties that perhaps don’t get the respect and appreciation they deserve. Not only does a concrete retaining wall keep soil in place, but it also prevents erosion and shifting over time. Without a concrete block retaining wall in Okc, it’s fair to say that homeowners would experience many more problems with their properties. 

By working with Bill’s Custom Concrete, you don’t have to put up with an eyesore for a retaining wall. Instead, we’ll install a stunning retaining wall that adds character and personality to your home. Wherever possible, we make the retaining wall part of your landscape so that it suits the property as a whole. 

While some people need a retaining wall around a pool or garden, others look for retaining wall blocks because they have dips or slopes in their gardens. No matter how complex your needs are, contact the experts at Bill’s Custom Concrete and you’ll soon have a retaining wall that is both functional and beautiful. If you’re worried about the retaining wall cost, our team will discuss your project and discuss a personalized estimate. 

Concrete Block Retaining Wall – Repairs and Installation In OKC 

In some cases, you may already have a retaining wall that needs repairs to maintain its strength and durability. After all, the weather is often a problem in Oklahoma City. Here are some common examples of problems: 

  • Standing water around the wall 
  • Crumbling 
  • Cracking
  • Gaps appearing in the wall 

When most people think about retaining walls in Okc, they think about the strength of the material. However, it’s critical not to neglect the drainage system, base, foundation, and various other factors. With over 45 years of experience with concrete structures and concrete retaining walls in Okc, we know how to overcome common challenges and provide a retaining wall that lasts the test of time. 

Depending on the damage, we’ll provide tailored advice for your retaining wall. If possible, we’ll provide the necessary repairs that ensure strength and durability for the next portion of its life. If the damage is too severe, we’ll suggest a plan for a new retaining wall that makes use of top-grade materials. At Bill’s Custom Concrete, we only ever use the best materials and we’ll help you make the right decision for the health and betterment of your property. 

Bill’s Custom Concrete – Your Best Option for Retaining Walls 

Whether you have a crumbling retaining wall or you need retaining wall blocks during a renovation, we recommend calling our experienced and knowledgeable team today at 405-755-3975. We can answer your questions, tell you more about the retaining wall cost in Oklahoma city, and explore some suggestions for your project. 

Firstly, we only ever use the best products and materials. Therefore, you can be confident that your concrete block retaining wall is built to last. We will enjoy getting to know you and your home, but we don’t want to hear from you (in a good way!) after the wall is finished because we want you to be happy with your retaining wall for many years to come. Serving Oklahoma City for nearly 50 years, we know how to make customers happy, and high-quality results are a start. 

Secondly, our customer service is second to none. After contacting us, we’ll take you through various stages including design, installation, and construction. Although we do all the hard work, we still keep you involved because this is the best way to get the retaining wall you want for your property. Don’t worry, we won’t take over the process and stop listening. We listen and we attempt to bring your ideas to life. 

Thirdly, we’re a reliable company. What does this mean? Well, we’re fully licensed, insured, and bonded. Furthermore, we have lots of happy customers. Sure, every business says this, but we can prove it with our Yelp and Google reviews. This is just a small number of our happy customers; just think of all the happy people who haven’t left reviews since we started operating in 1976. 

When it comes to retaining wall blocks in Oklahoma city, it doesn’t get better than Bill’s Custom Concrete. We’ll keep the soil in your yard in place and prevent shifting and erosion. Whether you have a damaged retaining wall or you need a new installation, call our team today at 405-755-3975 because we’d love to help you transform your home!


Why is concrete used for retaining walls?

Concrete is a popular building material for retaining walls due to its extreme durability and strength. It can withstand pressure from the soil behind it, even when saturated or under wet conditions, making it an ideal material for preventing soil erosion. Also, concrete is low-maintenance and resistant to weather damage.

What is the maximum height of a concrete retaining wall?

Typically, the maximum height of a concrete retaining wall is four feet; however, this may be different depending on local building codes. The best way to determine the maximum height of a retaining wall in your area is to consult with a professional contractor or engineer. Contact Bill’s Custom Concrete today and we’ll talk you through your options.

How long do concrete retaining walls last?

On average, a concrete retaining wall can last for many years if the correct maintenance is carried out. This includes sealing the wall with a waterproof sealant and regularly inspecting it for signs of damage or deterioration. In the right environment, the life expectancy of a concrete retaining wall could be much greater. Depending on maintenance and care, you can expect between 25 and 100 years from a retaining wall.

What do I need to do before constructing a retaining wall?

Before constructing a retaining wall, you’ll want to obtain all necessary building permits from local authorities and conduct soil tests to determine the best type of material for the job. Also, you should mark out the area where the wall will be built and clear away any debris that may interfere with construction. If you’re in any doubt, contact Bill’s Custom Concrete and we’ll do all the hard work for you.

Will constructing a retaining wall damage my landscape?

The construction of a retaining wall can be done without causing severe disruption to the surrounding landscape. By hiring experienced contractors, you can ensure that the structure is built with minimal disturbance and no damage to existing plants or vegetation. An additional benefit of having an expert team on hand is that they’ll be able to advise on how to incorporate your retaining wall into your existing landscaping.