Concrete Repairs in Slaughterville – How To Preserve Your Concrete Structures

Concrete Repairs Can Preserve Your Concrete Structure in Slaughterville

Cracked Concrete in Slaughterville, OK

Cracked Concrete in Slaughterville, OK

The concrete work that has been done around your home was a very expensive job. Whether it is a sidewalk, a driveway or your backyard patio, unexpected cracking and collapsing does happen occasionally. We at Bill’s Custom Concrete are experts at concrete repairs in Slaughterville, Oklahoma, and we can help you with your concrete problems.

The reasons for the cracks are numerous, from incorrectly installed expansion joints, improperly constructed control joints, to the ground not being properly compacted in preparation for the cement being poured. If you leave these cracks untreated, they will in time destroy your concrete sidewalk or driveway. Our professional team at Bill’s Custom Concrete understands how the weather conditions here in Slaughterville can contribute to the damage spreading further. We also understand that you could be spending a significant amount of money replacing your concrete, when the job may only require a less expensive concrete repair and restoration job. Let our qualified concrete experts come out and give you a free estimate on repairing your concrete the right way.

We Have an Expert Team of Concrete Repair Specialists

Our team of concrete experts at Bill’s Custom Concrete have been working with customers in the Slaughterville, Oklahoma area since 1976, and our goal is providing only the highest quality concrete solutions for all the residents of the Slaughterville area. If your home has cracking or damage to any concrete areas, it may not be necessary to completely break out and replace the entire concrete structure. We can identify the problem areas and talk with you about less expensive repair and restoration methods to bring your concrete back to satisfactory condition.

Sealing Concrete Cracks

Sealing Concrete Cracks

One of the problems with cracks in your concrete is that it gives the overall home the appearance of neglect. If left untreated too long the concrete can even buckle, making it extremely unsafe for people walking on the concrete. We can take a close look at the concrete on your property and advice you of solutions that best fit the problem at hand. If the problem is still in its initial phases, we have the ability to fill the cracks with a polyurethane or epoxy that will bond and seal and prevent any further problems with that affected area. If the top layer of the cement begins flaking off, we have the experience to re-surface and repair the top with special products made from cement.

Our expert team at Bill’s Custom Concrete can identify just about any type of concrete issue you may have and offer you an alternative repair that will save you a substantial amount of money. We have been repairing concrete in Slaughterville, OK for almost four decades, and in that time we have seen it all.

Concrete Repair and Resurfacing

Concrete Repair and Resurfacing

If the area of concern with your concrete has already settled, we have the experience to either regrade the surface with a product made of cement, or if the area is sagging, we can go underneath the cement and help raise it up by pumping a slurry underneath it.

Call Bill’s Custom Concrete For Your Concrete Repairs

Many customers in the Slaughterville area have decorative concrete driveways and patios. The team at Bill’s Custom Concrete has the experience working with this type of concrete, and many times we can simply recolor or reseal the patio to a new like appearance. When it comes to concrete repairs, give the experts at Bill’s Custom Concrete a call at (405)755-3975 today, or feel free to browse through our site at and read some testimonials  of your friends and neighbors in the Oklahoma City Metro area who have used our services. We know how to do any kind of concrete repair for your Slaughterville home or business.

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