Yard Drainage in Oklahoma City Oklahoma – What You Need to Know

What You Need to Know About Yard Drainage In Oklahoma City

Yard Drainage System Installation in Oklahoma City, OK

Yard Drainage System Installation in Oklahoma City, OK

The unique conditions of the soil here in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma can lead to yard drainage problems around your property. When the rain water is allowed to build up around the foundation of your home, it can lead to potential problems that will cost you a significant amount of money to repair. When it comes to yard drainage in Oklahoma City, OK, Bill’s Custom Concrete has been installing well designed yard drainage systems that will quickly remove the water buildup in certain locations on your property and have it relocate to areas it can disperse evenly.

Yard Drainage in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Can Be Difficult

The clay based soil here in Oklahoma City metro area can be problematic when there are heavy rainfalls, and a yard drainage system will ensure no water collects to deteriorate concrete foundations or your expensive landscaping. This is especially important around the perimeter of your home where the water often comes off the roof in mass quantities without the proper guttering do divert it elsewhere. When the water is allowed to collect in areas of your property, the result can be a swampy mess. Bill’s Custom Concrete has many unique yard drainage ideas that will remove standing water quickly and allow it to flow to areas where you desire the water to be instead, whether that be the proper drainage outlet, or some other part of your yard that can use the water. We have the experience to come out to your residence or place of business and locate grades in the property that are causing the excessive water buildup. We can take water that is accumulating around the foundation of your home and direct it towards landscaping that could benefit from the additional water.

Bill’s Is The Yard Drainage Contractor That Understands Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Conditions

Yard Drainage in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Yard Drainage in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

At Bill’s Custom Concrete we understand that this area is prone to heavy downpours during the raining season. When your property does not have the ability to properly drain all that excess water can easily flood the area. We can show you many different yard drainage solutions that will keep the water under the soil where it belongs. We can install systems that can feed your landscaping as it passes through the drainage system rather than pooling up in one location.

The problem here in the Oklahoma City, OK area is that with the clay soil conditions the water tends to linger on the surface. Your property may not have been graded correctly and the water is not able to access the curb or storm drains correctly. The experts here at Bill’s Custom Concrete can show you how different drainage systems work and which will be a better fit for your particular property. We can show you how a French drainage system can actually benefit your home and your landscaping at the same time. A trench will be dug near the area of the home where the water is accumulating, and then pipes will be installed that will carry the water away from that location. The pipes can be directed towards plants in your landscaping that need water. As the water builds up from a rainstorm it works its way to the pipe and then towards the landscaping. Usually the piping has small holes in it to allow the water to feed sections a little at a time.

Call Bill’s Custom Concrete For Your Yard Drainage Solution

Yard Drainage Solutions in Oklahoma City

Yard Drainage Solutions in Oklahoma City

Our yard drainage solutions for your Oklahoma City home or business can be as simple as adding the proper guttering to certain sections of your home to eliminate the water from accumulating in areas around your home where it can damage your foundation. We may also offer a yard drainage solution that is multifaceted that involves several different solutions to your particular problem. We offer a free yard drainage and foundation inspection to determine how to fix your specific drainage problem.

Our staff has many decades experience with yard drainage in Oklahoma City, and we can show you how a new drainage system will protect your structures and benefit your landscaping. Please call our courteous staff at Bill’s Custom Concrete and schedule your free estimate for a yard drainage solution at (405)755-3975.

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