Excavation Equipment in Blanchard Oklahoma

Excavation Equipment in Blanchard Oklahoma

Blanchard is home to several excavation contractors for concrete work and yard drainage solutions, yet we at Bill’s Custom Concrete and Yard Drainage have a great reputation among our customers with thousands of projects that required excavation. We have completed thousands of concrete and yard drainage projects over the 37 years that we have been in business that have required expert excavation contracting to make sure they are done properly.

Not many people are aware of what excavation is and what it entails, especially in the concrete and yard drainage industry. Therefore, today I’ll take you through the fundamentals of excavation and why it is such an important step to make sure your concrete or yard drainage project is done properly from the beginning.

Essentially, excavation means digging a hole or an opening in the earth/soil. Excavation is vital for laying pipes properly for efficient drainage and also in preparation for a concrete project. Excavation requires proper techniques, tools and equipment, which can be found only with contractors who are thorough professionals. I am proud to say that we were established in 1976, and have more than 37 years of experience in the concrete and yard drainage industry, which many times requires excavation work.

Excavation in Concrete Work

Excavation for Driveway in Blanchard

Excavation for Driveway in Blanchard

In concrete work, excavation is an important process. It helps us create proper slopes for any concrete structure and also bases for concrete driveways or patios. Slopes are extremely vital as they help in draining water effectively and efficiently from concrete structures. Grading your landscape properly before completing the concrete project is vital to making sure that water drains to the right area. Not only do we avoid problems with flooding, but we also make sure that your concrete structure will not be damaged by the improper flow of water. This requires precision planning and work to avoid any potential problems with heavy rains and flash flooding that can occur from time to time. Based on the thousands of projects that we have done over the years and going by what our customers tell us, I am delighted to say that we are able to offer precision quality for our customers at a reasonable cost. Don’t let your Blanchard home or business be subject to an excavation contractor that doesn’t have the experience that we do.

Excavation in Yard Drainage

Excavation for French Drain in Blanchard, OK

Excavation for French Drain in Blanchard, OK

Whether we are building French drains, surface drains, retaining walls, concrete drainage flumes, or troughs, we need to excavate to lay the pipes and position them correctly for a competent drainage solution. Excavating is also necessary when we create yard drainage solutions for our customers so that water can drain properly from the yard. We’ve had many customers in the past who have faced drainage problems in their yard. With our experienced and skilled team, we were able to offer customized solutions like grading, landscaping, erosion control, and much more.

Why Choose Bill’s Custom Concrete and Yard Drainage?

– We offer free consultation and free estimate for any of your excavation needs. You can call us at (405)755-3975 or fill our our Contact Form Here.

– We understand that each customers’ needs are different. Therefore, our proficient team offers customized solutions to suit your requirements.

– We also offer custom services like concrete floor work, stamped concrete, general concrete repair work, concrete stain and finishing, decorative concrete, and concrete wall construction.

– We have had the pleasure of completing thousands of concrete and yard drainage projects in the Oklahoma City Metro area over the past 37 years.

– Our team has individuals who take their work very seriously. Our superior workmanship and attention to detail means many happy and satisfied customers.

Whether you wish to install a decorative concrete sidewalk or a decorative patio with stamped border or steps, you can rely on us to complete the work within the pre-determined time and cost.

Call us today at (405)755-3975 for any of your excavation needs in Blanchard, Oklahoma.