Design Ideas for Stained Concrete in Oklahoma City

As a flooring option, it’s fair to say that stained concrete is quickly gaining traction. For those who want to add character and personality to space, there aren’t too many better ways of achieving this than through stained concrete. For those who haven’t seen this flooring option before, it’s a water-based product and is poured over the top of washed concrete. In moments, it transforms what was previously a dull colour and brings it to life. 

Although the surface fades over time, you can prolong its life by sealing it. Even if the concrete is old, you can bring it to life with this method. Normally, every application leads to a unique appearance. Somehow, it manages to feel traditional while still adding a touch of elegance and modernity to a home. 

Here are some fantastic stained concrete ideas: 

Brown and Blue Marbling 

If you’re looking for warmth and a unique appearance, you won’t go far wrong with a brown and blue marbling effect. With lots of character, the marbling effect draws the eye, and it can be used to draw attention to particular features of the home. Of course, dramatic marbling on the floor needs a simple wall decoration. With too much activity on the wall, the two will compete and visitors will walk away with a headache. 

Grey, White, and Light Tones 

In a kitchen, you probably don’t want dark colours because they will clash with the lighter cabinetry and appliances. With this in mind, most homeowners find that lighter tones like whites and greys work incredibly well. While some go for pure whites, others go slightly darker and get a creative contrast between the flooring and the countertop. 


Sometimes, stained concrete just wouldn’t look right inside the home and this is where you can open the door (literally!) to potential patio ideas. Depending on your aim, you could choose bold accents or just slight indications of colour. With the advancements of technology in recent years, some even choose a custom design for their patio. Sealing techniques have also improved which means that it should withstand all weather conditions for many years. 


That’s right – some people are also using stained concrete on their ceilings. Granted, this option isn’t for everyone. However, it adds a unique touch to the home and colour where people expect it the least. 

Black and Darker Shades

Especially for commercial properties, you shouldn’t discount black and other dark colours. In waiting rooms, restaurants, and other commercial locations, black colours actually create a professional appearance. If you’re to choose dark flooring, consider using contrasting white walls. If you fail to lighten the room with the walls or the accents, everything will start to look dingy and unwelcoming. Pair dark flooring with white desks, tables, chairs, and walls. 

Custom Designs 

When it comes to stained concrete, some people don’t like the lack of control that comes with the pattern and overall look. What happens if you don’t like the result? With this in mind, more people are choosing their own custom designs for stained concrete flooring. 

While some people choose a particular pattern, others use stained concrete to create an artificial rug. You get the appearance of a rug but without all the vacuuming (and tripping over the turned-up corners!). The same goes for patios, and you can bring the area to life with different textures, styles, and colours. 

All in all, there’s no end to your decorative options with stained concrete. Contact a local company today for more ideas and find something unique for your home or business!