Drainage Contractor in Choctaw Oklahoma

Drainage Contractor in Choctaw Oklahoma

If you have a drainage problem in your yard and have need of a drainage contractor in Choctaw, Oklahoma then obviously I’d like you to consider employing my company. Bill’s Custom Concrete has been solving drainage problems in the metro area since 1976 and there is precious little that we don’t know about the clay soil movement, the freeze-thaw cycle, and the floods and droughts that occur here. We have carried out literally thousands of contracts over nearly four decades with one hundred per cent success.

However, even if you decide not to use us, here are a few tips to ensure that you get your yard drained and your house protected. These steps are the basics that we consider in every yard drainage plan.

Always try to get the maximum slope for the drain so that the water runs away quickly and to prevent clogging. Use a minimum 4″ pipe and a 6″ pipe if necessary. Always have sufficient drains to enable water to drain even if one is clogged up with leaves or other debris. For underground drainage use a filter cloth to prevent soil clogging the system and also install a clean-out so that the whole system can be flushed occasionally, again to prevent clogging.

Try to contour the slope of the ground to direct water to the drains. Also design the drainage system so that it prevents saturation around the foundations of the house and avoids puddles in the yard.

There are two types of drainage problems, one of which is simply the way the yard is landscaped. If the land around the house is lower than the surrounding land then obviously the water will flow towards the house. The other is simply a high water table. When it rains the ground becomes saturated and the problems become apparent.

Water standing around the foundations of the house can damage the foundations themselves which then leads to further structural problems. This can lead to the rotting of wooden floors and even a termite problem. Water which is standing can and will stagnate which may lead to further problems with mosquitoes and possibly mold.

There are further problems which can arise such as water in air conditioning ducts which can cause rust and also make the air conditioning unit work harder. Water can also cause a damp odor and mold on the walls.

There are quite a number of different solutions to yard drainage problems and often the simpler solutions will work the best. If you are thinking of doing it yourself, remember that it is not just a question of digging a drain and keeping your fingers crossed. Some problems may be solved by just diverting the water with a curb, or re-landscaping the ground. Others may be more complicated and require French drains or surface drains.

Yard Drainage in Choctaw Oklahoma

Yard Drainage in Choctaw Oklahoma

I have had many occasions where a difficult yard drainage problem can be solved by using the proper guttering around the perimeter of your roof. It is important to properly design where the downspouts will be placed and also to make sure that the downspouts pour into a proper yard drainage system themselves.

Obviously I’d be delighted if you’d give us a call if you need a drainage contractor in Choctaw, Oklaho

ma. We will come and analyze the problem and then suggest the best solution and give you a no-obligation quote. Every drainage problem is different and we might find that there is an answer that is a lot simpler, and therefore less expensive, than you thought. Call us today at (405)755-3975 if you are having any kind of yard drainage problem that needs to be corrected.