Even with the drought that Warr Acres, Oklahoma has experienced in the last several years, it is still necessary to have proper yard drainage systems installed for the times when we do receive a downpour of rain. The proper use of French drains can solve a lot of problems that can occur when heavy rainfall occurs in Warr Acres, Oklahoma.

Below is a French drain diagram from Wikipedia that shows a detailed drawing of how a French drain works. (Click on the picture for a larger view.)

French drain diagram

French drain diagram (click image for larger view)

A French drain is an underground water drainage system that is designed to drain unwanted water from houses, yards and other landscapes to the proper place. It is also known as a weeping tile or French ditch. The design of a French drain includes a perforated pipe covered with gravel on all the sides which is used to draw water away from any area of concern. Lately, a properly engineered French drain is more popular because of the use of light weight gravel covered with filter fabric instead of rock and gravel for better performance of such drains. A French drain in Warr Acres can help save large buildings and houses from foundation failures and water logging problems. With the proper design and installation from a contractor like Bill’s Custom Concrete, a French drain can solve many water problems at your property.

The Benefits of French Drains:

* French drains are specifically designed for drawing unmanageable water under the ground, or subsurface water. It is unlike surface drains that move water accumulated over the ground. This requires a special design to pass the water away from any area through an effective underground drainage system.

* Properly designed French drains are designed with a filter fabric around the ditch to prevent dirt and other unwanted wastes from clogging the drainage system.

* If there is accumulation of standing water on the surface of your landscape that generally does not dry up fast, a French drain will help pull the water under the ground through its system making the area dry and manageable.

* Accumulation of water underneath buildings or houses can make the foundation weak, which may result in complete destruction of the foundation. If there is constant flow of water underneath such structures, it should be eliminated as soon as possible or a French drain system must be constructed to save the building from possible loss. The use of a French drain may help divert the path of water accumulated underneath the ground to a distant drainage system.

* In some houses, the air conditioning vents are situated on the floor. Many times water will start to accumulate in them. The use of a French drain instead of other drainage systems may solve the problem effectively with minimum hassle and stop water from collecting on floor or in the vents and damaging the structure and interior flooring.

* French drains are also used for draining rain water from houses, lawns and landscaped areas during heavy rains. This helps in keeping the ground surface dry and free from water accumulation.

French-Drain-Perforated-PipeWith all these features and benefits a French drain in Warr Acres, Oklahoma, it is many times the best way to drain underground water effectively. The drain can be widened according to the requirement of the drainage system which makes them more efficient to drain maximum amount of water.

To know if a French drain, or some other type of yard drainage system is right for you, it is best to have a professional come to your home or business to give you a complete evaluation. Bill’s Custom Concrete and Yard Drainage has been serving Warr Acres, Oklahoma since 1976 with yard drainage solutions that work. Call us today at (405)755-3975 for your free evaluation to see if a French drain is the right solution for your Warr Acres property. You can also contact us through our contact form here.